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We are former Marines and the proud parents of a Marine and it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Marine Corps family. Marines have been called, "the few, the proud" and we the family and friends of those proud individuals share with them in the hard work, motivation and dedication that will earn them the title United States Marine.
This may well be the most difficult and certainly will be the most rewarding time of their young lives. They will be expected to perform physically and mentally well beyond anything they have ever done but they will be well supervised and their safety will never be jeopardized.
They can make it without your help but with your help and understanding the process will be so very much easier. Work with them, share in their pain, their disappointments, their fears and their eventual elation. Your presence remains very important to them and it will be good for them to know that they can rely on you.
Welcome Aboard.
Semper Fi.
Glenn and Bev Knight

The Best Piece of Advice

Send mail! One of the very first thing your recruit will do upon arrival at either Parris Island or San Diego is send you a post card or letter telling you that they have arrived safely and giving you their mailing address. As soon as you get it send them a letter or post card telling them that you miss them but that you realize they are embarking upon a difficult and life changing time. Assure them that you are there for them and that you are proud of them.
Then call all of his or her friends and give them the address and encourage their friends to write. Do the same with all of the members of your family. Any Drill Instructor will tell you that recruits who regularly receive mail are better motivated, have fewer illnesses or injuries and generally do better than recruits who do not regularly receive mail.
Your mission is to see that your recruit receives mail of one sort or another EVERY DAY!
We were proud to learn from our Marine's drill instructor, at graduation, that we only missed one day.


These are actual questions taken from the discussion forum of the Yahoo myMarine Group. We encourage you to visit and enjoy the messages, photos, polls and other information you will find there.

  • My son left for San Diego June 5th. I believe graduation is Sept. 7th, is there anyway to find out for sure?
    Yes, click on the appropriate link above and check the calendar. You will need to know your recruit's platoon number and it would be helpful to know the company also.
  • My son is in Platoon 1079 Charlie Co, 1st RTBn. He is scheduled to graduate August 31. Would like to hear from any other parents who sons graduate at the same time.
    Good idea. We suggest you go to myMarine on Yahoo and put that information along with your email address on the calendar. That way others can contact you.
  • I am taking my son to leave for boot camp in a couple of weeks. Can anyone tell me what I can do to keep from crying when he leaves.
    Hi, my son is starting his 8th week at Parris Island. Did I cry when he left, oh yes I did. I knew there was nothing I could do that would stop the tears. The tears my son saw were the tears of happiness for him. He has wanted to be a Marine since he was 7.
    Then I came home and cried my tears of sadness and loss. Hey when you have been a mother and taken care of someone for so long it is tough to see them go. Suddenly after 20 years my job discription has changed. Now Im no longer in charge, he is, and my job now is to stand on the side lines and motivate,cheer,push, and praise him along. My son is learing the Marine Corps way, Honor, Courage and Commitment, and he is learning to be one hell of a man. My son left here with no self esteem, no motivation. When I read the letters he is sending home now I wonder if it's the same kid, and I know it's not. I hear pride,and I hear happiness, and I hear "Look at me, I'm good."
    So when I get to feeling sad and lonely, I come here and find a mother who is feeling just like me, to talk to. Knowing that we all feel the same helps. I know my son made a very good choice with the Marines. As I said we are now into the 8th week, and I have to tell you, the sadness I feel is being replaced with Pride. MY son is going to be a MARINE. It won't be to long now till graduation. I cried tears of sadness when I sent them my son, and I'm going to cry tears again when I see the pride and accomplishment that has been put in my sons eyes. Tears of pride this time.
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