Need A Speaker?
Retired (again) and living in a 35-foot Winnebago, Glenn is now free to enjoy the opportunity of bringing information and entertainment to groups of people around the country. Glenn brings his teaching experience in the military, at the college level and in high schools to the body of knowledge that he has gained in the Marine Corps, Air Force, the non-profit community and the private sector. Listed here are just some of the presentations that he has made or has prepared for select audiences. Given sufficient time and information he can tailor a presentation for your group. Using the simple definition of an expert (someone from 50 miles away with a briefcase) he can provide you with expertise on a wide range of subjects.  Email us with what, where and when.

The list------------------
"The Care and Feeding of the Flag of the United States"
(Includes an interpretation of the United States Flag Code)
Biography of Admiral William Reynolds, USN
(Done in first person attire as a Civil War period Navy commander)

"Major General John Fulton Reynolds, an Eulogy"
(Biography of the Civil War general presented by his brother, the Navy commander)

"How the Navy Won the Civil War"
(Presented by Admiral William Reynolds, USN in his Civil War Navy commander's uniform)

"Splice the Main Brace"
(Unique Naval terminology and traditions from a Civil War Navy commander)

"The Admiral's Lady"
(Reminiscences of service by Admiral Reynolds and his lady, Rebecca)
"Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Private, Quartermaster Sergeant, Sergeant, Private!"
(The four-year Marine Corps career of Smith Maxwell, senior NCO of Marines at Bull Run)
"Getting Started in Genealogical Research"Glenn in Kilt
(Finding your ancestors is not as hard as you might think)

"Research Techniques for Genealogy and History"
(Where to look, what to look for and what to keep)

"Conducting Research in Washington, DC"
(National Archives, Library of Congress, Military Resources and Museums)
"Fund Raising for Small Non-Profit Organizations"
(An introduction to the fund raising methods available)

(Finding the money that isn't there)

"Getting the first $1 million"
(A goal setting, interactive seminar for organization leaders)

"Finding and Keeping Members"
(Where are they hiding and where have they gone?)
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
(my presentation of this classic often brings tears to eyes)

Patriotic Presentations and Readings

(I have read proclamations, poems, short stories and speeches of public figures)

"Marine Invasion of the Dominican Republic, 1965"
(From the 4th Marine ashore)

"Marine Detachment, USS INDEPENDENCE CVA-62"
(From one of the last of the Seagoing Marines)

Church Growth Seminar
(Techniques for increasing membership (modern evangelism) and for keeping members (stewardship))

I can appear in the uniform of a Civil War Navy Commander, in the attire of a civilian of he Civil War period and my wife can attend also in Civil War attire. I can also wear my kilt (Leatherneck Tartan) if appropriate and I can wear anything from shorts and a T-shirt to dinner jacket and tux. We can decide what would be most appropriate in your setting.Glenn & Bev as Wm & Rebecca

The Cost---------------

Generally, all I require is a level spot to park our 35-foot motorhome (electric service, water, sewer and cable TV would all be nice but not necessary, we are self-sufficient) and a small honorarium to help cover the cost of diesel fuel. We would have to negotiate the honorarium. On the other hand, if your organization has more money than it knows what to do with, I would be happy to accept a $10,000 fee. Fair enough?

Email Me-------------
Include your name, address, phone number, email address and the name of your organization and your position in that organization. Tell me when the event is scheduled, what (generally or specifically) you would like me to do for you, what kind of venue (gymnasium, small meeting room, large meeting room, church, outdoor arena, jail cell or phone booth) and the anticipated attendance. Include anything else you think would help me understand the purpose that you would want me to serve. You can email

My Affiliations-------------
I am a member of the following organizations: Free and Accepted Masons; Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (past Pennsylvania Department Commander); Naval League of the United States (Companion); Veterans of Foreign Wars (Comrade); American Legion (Legionnaire); Marine Corps League (Marine); Scottish American Military Society (Member); Company of Military Historians (Member); Civil Air Patrol (former cadet and retired lieutenant colonel); Disabled American Veterans (Veteran); Second Marine Division Association (Member); Marine Corps Combat Correspondent's Association (Member); U. S. Seagoing Marine Association (Member, Newsletter Contributor and Plank Owner); USS INDEPENDENCE Reunion Association (Shipmate); USS BOXER Veterans Association (Member); Pennsylvania Dutch Pacers Volksmarch Club (Past President and Life Member); Pennsylvania Lodge of Research, F.&A.M. (Full Member; Charter Member); Lancaster County (PA) Historical Society (former Executive Director; Life Member; Journal Contributor); Ohio Society of Military History, Inc. (Member, Newsletter Contributor).

My Writings----------------

"The Floating Karate Club", Black Belt, March 1965.

“PI Outdoors”, THE BOOT, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC, weekly 3/66 - 12/66.

“The Outdoorsman”, Beaufort Gazette, Beaufort, SC, weekly from 10/66 to 2/67 (creator)

“Civil Air Patrol Recruiting Guide”, National Headquarters, Civil Air Patrol, Maxwell AFB, AL

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"Smith Maxwell; Seagoing Marine", The House of Maxwell, Kingsport, TN, Vol. 40, No. 2, August 2004

"Lancaster Military Cadets," Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society, Lancaster, PA; Vol. 106, No. 4, Spring 2005

Editor-in-Chief, Historical Anthology for 250th Anniversary of the naming of Lititz, PA, to be published in 2006.