A Dictionary for Marines
Associate Editors

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Marianne L. Knight Inspiration by becoming the second generation of Marines in the editor's family. 782 Gear, Brain Housing Group, Campaign Cover, Chit, Code Talkers, Devil Dog, Fleet, Fortitudine, Garrison Cover, Gas Chamber, General Orders, Marine Corps Birthday Ball, Meritorious Mast, Mess Night, Pisscutter, PFT, PT Gear, Funeral Service, Mail Buoy
Paul "JPP" Noel Official proofreader and aviation consultant
Kurt S. Stover His massive "Marine Lingo and Meanings" and the permission to steal from it freely.
John F. Wear II The Glossary of Terms from his "Viet Nam Journal" (a work in progress).
Ray Kruse PT (acronym), John Wayne (P-38), PT Gear. Corrected an error in the definition for major.
L. D. Moore Diddie Bop
Terrie Johnson Typo in Master Sergeant of Marines
John Schleich Prick25, FNG
Tom Kenney Frog, Shitter, Super Shitter, NCOIC
Fred Adair Blivet, Boring Holes, UCMJ
Dave Schnyer Mattel, M-16
Paul M. Richards IBGB, Shithook
James G. Wheeler Coxswain
Gregory Quinn SOS correction, Retread
Stuart Bouchey Admiral corrections & other rank issues, 4-striper, M-14 nomenclature
Skip Sharp ARA, F4B, Captain correction, Pogey Rope
Roger Pollard Numerous spelling and typo corrections
Mike Millich Remington Raider, Brownbagger, ComRats
John Buckley NFG
Nick Cominos Bug Juice, Clothes Stops, Boxsee, Green Eye, Bloop or Bloopem, Blanket Party
Patrick Franzone GAF, Shock Troop
Greg Lindsay Box of Grid Squares, Widow Maker, Soup Cooler, Bird, Ball and Chain
Frank McNeil 8th and Eye corrections
Robert Bradley Pogybait
William Ladny Buzzard, Ball and Hook
Kate Gladstone Pisscutter
Elheran Francis Beating A Dead Horse, Circle Jerk
Ed Becka Group Tighteners, Cunt Cap, Tango Uniform, Fouled vs Fowled (spelling error by the editor)
Steve Conboy Chief Warrant Officer, Housewife
B. K. Bodell TAD, LVTP-7, Amtracs, Ass Hanging Out, Bumfucknowhere, LBFM, Scumbag, Seabag Drag, Splash, Suzy Rottencrotch, Tuna Boat Driver, YATYAS
Ed Grantham M-9 Baretta
Jason DeMartino Additional info on G-4 and Whiskey 95
Caroline Frye Proofreading
Ray Jennings A-1 Sky Hawk, A-4 Sky Raider
Richard Hardin ANGLICO
"Doc George" Holst Unit One, Ass Pack, Ham and Motherfuckers, Heat Tab, Shelter Half and more.
Sgt. Packy J. Flickinger Jungle Bunny, Twinkie
SSgt Edith M. Cress Jarhead
Skip Burns ThrashLight
Victor DeCurtis 900 inch range
LtCol Brian Tonnacliff USMC (Ret) MEU, MSSG
Donald McKeefery Fluff-n-buff
Bob Caulkins Twilight Cruise
Mike Hudson MPC
Steve Sanders Bag Nasty
John J. Mitchell Many corrections
Paul Burger SOI, MCT
Brittani Neilson Officer Candidates School
Jeff Exton Incentive Training
Dick Sullivan Tight Jawed, Get a hat, Turkey Bars, Gobblers
CWO3 Robert Adao USMC (Ret) Trops, UD, Skivvies
LCpl Mark S. Marshall USMC Haggie

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