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There are four ways that you can help keep the Unofficial Dictionary for Marines on line and current.

  1. Pass the word. Tell others that there is a dictionary where they can find words, phrases and even quotes that are relative or exclusive to Marines. Give them the URL address http://4merMarine.com/USMC/dictionary.html
  2. Correct an error or provide a new word or phrase and its meaning. You will be listed as an Associate Editor, unless you don't want the recognition, and will earn my eternal thanks. Send corrections to Glenn@4merMarine.com.
  3. In Association with Amazon.comPlace your Amazon.com orders through this link. A percentage of each purchase is paid to the editor to maintain the dictionary.
  4. Send money. While this has been a labor of love and I do not intend to get rich or even recoop my expenses, some people have told me that they would like to help pay for the server space or the domain name. I use the Amazon Honor System because it is safe and secure.

There is also another way to help and that is to purchase a vanity email address for $10 per year. This will not replace your ISP but will give you a unique address within the 4merMarine.com domain (i.e. Glenn@4merMarine.com). If you are interested in this send a snailmail to:

Glenn B. Knight
76 Railway Rd.
Millville, DE 19970

Include the address you want to have, the address you want all that mail forwarded to automatically and ten bucks. I will set it up and email you with the good news. You can begin using your new address immediately. In a year I will email you a reminder to renew your address and thank you for your continuing support.

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Semper Fi,
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