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Chinese Communist battle rifle.


To cancel or cause something to stop.


A fighting knife used most particularly by reconnaissance Marines. It has also been issued to other Marines, such as air crew, from time to time. Also called a Kaybar.


MCAS(Helicopter) Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. Now MCBH.


US Air Force 4-engine cargo plane with a rear ramp. Can carry a combat-ready Marine rifle platoon.

Kelley, Paul X.

Twenty eighth Commandant of the Marine Corps serving from July 1, 1983 until June 30, 1987. The Massachusetts native was born Nov. 11, 1928.  In 2007, in an op-ed piece in the Washington Post, General Kelly spoke against President George W. Bush's executive order concerning the interrogation and torture of terrorism suspects.

  Kent, Carlton W.   Sixteenth Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps began his service on April 25, 2007. He was born in Memphis, TN and completed recruit training at MCRD Parris Island, SC in March of 1976. Beginning his Marine Corps career as a Marine Security Guard at embassies in Zaire and Panama he later trained as a parachute rigger and eventually served as a Drill Instructor at both Marine Corps Recruit Depots in Parris Island, SC and San Diego, CA. His personal decorations include two Legions of Meritt, a Bronze Star and two Meritorious Service Medals in addition to the Combat Action Ribbon.  He served previously as Sergeant Major of the I Marine Expeditionary Force.


A bullet resistant material used in flack vests and helmets. Often refers to the Kevlar combat helmet. 


Killed in Action.

Kin Ville.

The small town outside of Camp Hansen in the Northern part of Okinawa.

King Neptune.

The mythological God of the Sea. He always presides, with his court, at Line-Crossing Ceremonies.

Kiwi Injection.

A good, sharp, quick kick in the ass.


The preferred brand of shoe polish for Marines since World War II. Also the national bird of New Zealand, and a nickname for a New Zealander. A registered trade mark of the Sara Lee Corporation.


See Click.


Kitchen Police. Duty assigned to junior enlisted Marines, sometimes as punishment.


World War II individual field rations. Universally detested for their lack of taste and rubbery consistency they were replaced by C-rations.

Krulak, Charles C.

Thirty first Commandant of the Marine Corps serving from July 1, 1995 until June 30, 1999. The Virginia native and Naval Academy graduate was born Mar. 4, 1942.  He is the son of legendary Marine Corps Lieutenant General Victor H. Krulak.

  Krulak, Victor H.   Known to most Marines as "Brute" despite his 5' 4" frame, he was the force behind the development of the "Higgins" boat landing craft used by Marines and soldiers in World War II and continued his innovations well into the Vietnam era.  Born in Denver, CO, he graduated the U. S. Naval Academy in 1934.  He experimented with the use of helicopters during the Korean War and during Vietnam was Commander of Fleet Marine Forces - Pacific.  In that capacity he came into conflict with Army General William Westmoreland because the Army commander kept using Marines in large scale operations where Krulak preferred smaller-force counter-insurgency operations.  That public conflict made it politically impossible for him to, when the time came, be nominated for the position of Commandant of the Marine Corps. See Chesty Puller.  Many think that the nomination of his son, Charles, in 1995 was public pay-back for the slight.  LtGen Krulak died Dec. 29, 2008 in San Diago, CA.


MCAS Iwakuni, Iwakuni Japan to another web site with more info. additional reading on this topic.

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