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Highly volatile gasoline in a jelly form used for burning out caves during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Also used by the Air Force to defoliate large areas of forests or jungles.


Naval Academy Preparatory School where sailors and Marines are sent from the fleet to prepare them for a Fleet Appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy. Your editor was a NAPSter in 1963-1964 and we are looking for other Marines from that class.


Naval Air Station.

Navajo Code Talkers.

See Code Talkers.

Naval Gunfire.

Artillery support from ships at sea. Infantrymen have varrying opinions of its effectiveness and aim.

Navy Construction Battalion.

Combat engineers and construction forces known as Seabees.


Nuclear, Biological and Chemical.


Nuclear, Biological and Chemical. See Gas Chamber.


Naval Criminal Investigation Service. The detective force for the Naval services it consists of commissioned, warrant and non-commissioned officers as well as civilians. They wear civilian clothing and are goven the rank of Special Agent.


Noncommissioned officer. In the Marine Corps all ranks (except lance corporal) containing the word corporal or sergeant. They are: corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, gunnery sergeant, master sergeant or first sergeant, sergeant major or master gunnery sergeant and sergeant major of the Marine Corps. See Enlisted Marine, Staff NCO and Officer.


Noncommissioned officer in charge. The senior enlisted Marine in detachments and guard units, particularly when there is no commissioned officer assigned. See HMFIC.

Neville, Wendell.

Fourteenth Commandant of the Marine Corps and recipient of the Medal of Honor. Born May 12, 1870 in Virginia he lived until July 8, 1930. A Naval Academy graduate he was appointed Major General Commandant on March 5, 1929 and died in office.


A new member of a unit, usually one with little military experience who is the object of numerous practical jokes. One usually remains a newbie until the next newbie signs in.


No Fucking Good.

Nicholas, Samuel.

First "Commandant" of the Marine Corps. Born in 1744 in Pennsylvania he was commissioned a "Captain of Marines" by the Continental Congress on Nov. 28, 1775 and was promoted to major on June 25, 1776. While the resolution of Congress on Nov. 10, 1775 provided for a colonel to command two battalions of Marines, Nicholas was the senior officer when the organization ceases to exist in 1781 and is therefore considered to be the first Commandant. He died Aug. 27, 1790.

Nicholson, Augustus S.

Acting Commandant from May 13 until June 9, 1864. Major, Adjutant and Inspector of the Corps. Serving between the death of Harris and the appointment of Zeilin.

Nine Yards.

As used in "The Whole Nine Yards" it refers to a complete belt of machine gun ammo which is 27 feet long.

Nit Noy

(Vietnam). The "small shit".  Unimportant. Perhaps of Thai derevation.


Non-judicial punishment.

Noncommissioned Officer Sword.

The 1859 Field and Staff Officer sword. A badge of office worn on parade or in formal situations by NCOs.

Noncommissioned Officer.

Enlisted persons serving in positions of responsibility. Their ranks usually contain corporal or sergeant in them (although a lance corporal is not an NCO).

Non-judicial Punishment.

Punishment under the UCMJ that does not require a courts martial. It is for minor infractions and is usually administered by the Marine’s commanding officer or ship’s captain.


A Marine who did not qualify as an expert, sharpshooter or marksman on the rifle range. Non-quals do not graduate from boot camp.


An answer meaning "understood" when receiving a list of instructions. Also an indication that something was written down.

NP Mat.

NeoPrene Mat. A sealed cell sleeping mat which contains no Neoprene and keeps dampness from permeating your sleeping bag.

Number One.

(Vietnam) The best.

Number Ten.

(Vietnam) The worst.


Ignorant or untrainable. Used often by drill instructors to describe recruits.


(Vietnam) North Vietnamese Army. to another web site with more info. additional reading on this topic.

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