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O'Bannon, Presley N.

Lieutenant of Marines. See Mameluke Sword.

Obstacle Course.

A series of physical barriers over which a Marine must cross in a race against time. See Confidence Course.


The civilian community outside the main gate of Camp Pendleton, CA.


Officer Candidates School


Olive drab. Official color of utility and fatigue uniforms worn prior to the introduction of BDUs or cammies. The term was replaced by Sage Green and then simply Green.

Office Hours.

A non-judicial hearing for minor offences at which NJP (non-judicial punnishment) may be issued by a commanding officer.

Office Pogue.

An office clerk. See Remington Raider.

Officer Candidates School.

A training program for motivated college graduates who have been screened by the Marine Corps for the qualities necessary to become a leader of Marines. Upon graduation they are commissioned Second Lieutenant of Marines. The selection process begins with the Recruiting Command's Officer Selection Officer.


General use refers to commissioned officers and warrant officers. Noncommissioned officers are also officers but are generally referred to as NCOs or specific rank.

Officers’ Country.

The area aboard ship where the commissioned officer living compartments are located. Off limits to all enlisted personnel unless on official duty.

Oh Dark Thirty.

See 0 Dark Thirty.


Officer in Charge. A commissioned or warrant officer placed in charge of a group of Marines or a project. This person is not a commander and does not have the UCMJ authority vested in a commander.


Operation Iraqi Freedom II. The Iraqi War after the "mission accomplished" announcement of the "end of major hostilities."


Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sometimes called the Second Gulf War.


Okinawa. An island south of Japan owned by the U. S. Government until the 1970s when it was turned over to Japan. Still a major Marine Corps installation, it was used during Vietnam as a staging point for troops going into and out of Vietnam.

Old Goat.

See Goat Locker.

Old Hat.

Stale or unchanged information. Information that is already known.

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On Station.

Usually refers to a ship being at its assigned position on the ocean. Also sometimes used to mean on duty.


A Vietnam era fighting vehicle that looked like a small tank with six externally mounted 106mm recoilless rifles attached. Ammunition and a loader were carried inside but he had to get out to load the tubes. When all six rifles were fired at the same time the Ontos would stand up on its hind section. The word is reportedly Greek for "thing".


A sound made by a Marine to indicate agreement or to provide encouragement.

Op Tempo.

Operational Tempo; how frequently a unit deploys or goes to the field.


Observation Post.

Order of the Golden Dragon.

Awarded for crossing the International Date Line. See Line Crossing Ceremony.

Orderly Sergeant.

The highest ranking enlisted rank in the Marine Corps during the Civil War. Most of the ships' Marine Detachments were commanded by Orderly Sergeants. The rank ultimately took the Army form of Sergeant Major..


The name of the dummy used for man overboard drills. Also, the flag that is hoisted when there is a man overboard (the flag for the letter O).


Officer Selection Officer.


(Commtalk) I am finished talking and do not expect a reply from you. Thus, "over and out" is a self contradiction.


A Marine expletive meaning very good.

Over and Out.

(Commtalk)Does not exist--an oximoron.

Over the Hill.

Unauthorized absence.


(Commtalk)I am finished talking, I am now expecting you to talk.


Ceiling, from the naval term.

Overstreat, Harold G.

Twelfth Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps serving from June 28, 1991 until June 29, 1995. He was born in December of 1944 in Houston, TX. to another web site with more info. additional reading on this topic.


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