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Veterans Affairs, a federal cabinet department, formerly the Veterans Administration. DVA is not appropriate.

Vandegrift, Alexander A.

Eighteenth Commandant of the Marine Corps and recipient of the Medal of Honor. The hero of Guadalcanal was a Virginia native born March 13, 1887 and as a lieutenant general on Jan. 1, 1944 he was appointed Commandant of the Marine Corps. A March 21, 1945 law permitted the President to appoint the Commandant to the rank of general, which he did effective that date. An Act of Aug 7 1947 fixed the rank of the Commandant at general.


(Iraq) Vehicle Borne Explosive Device.


Vietcong, Viet Communist, (usually pronounced Vietcong). See Charlie.

Victor Charlie.

(Vietnam) Radio talk for Vietcong or Vietcom.

Vietnam Wall.

The monument in Washington DC that lists the names of all the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who died during the Vietnam War.


(Vietnam) A hamlet or larger village.

vonClausewitz, Carl.

(1780-1831) Author of the definitive "On War" which is still cited today in military strategy. Many historians believe that the final, key chapters of the book were written after his death by his wife.

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