Lititz Record-Express
On Second Thought
by Glenn B. Knight, DNG
Glenn B. Knight formed his various opinions as a native of Lititz, a Warwick graduate, a U. S. Marine, an Air Force senior non-commissioned officer, historian, fundraiser, member of the local Zoning Board and observer. His email address is: where he also serves as Webmaster.
Date PublishedTitleSubject
Jan. 27, 2000Ghost Town, PALititz needs to address its approach to zoning issues before they cause the decline of the community
Feb. 3, 2000Looking at the fraud factsWarwick School District was defrauded of $2 million tax dollars. Why are we the only district still waiting for all of our money to be returned?
Feb. 17, 2000Rethinking TransportationWANTED - $5,500,00. Local idea guy looking for an investor for the Lititz-Manheim-Lancaster Junction Railroad.
March 2, 2000A look at "Bookends"Liz Curtis Higgs, a Lititz native, has penned her second novel, "Bookends" which takes place in Lititz in 1999. A review.
March 16, 2000The Warrior history, Pt. 1Glenn Knight, a Warwick High School graduate, accepts partial responsibility for the naming of the Warwick Warriour back in the late 1950s when the Warwick, Lititz and Elizabeth schools merged. He explains how the Pretzels became the Warriors in the first of a three-part examination of the Warwick Warrior
March 30, 2000How we interpret the WarriorPart 2 of a 3-part series on the Warwick Warrior.
April 13, 2000Ways to personify our WarriorThe final part in a discussion of the Warwick Warrior, its history, its intent and its future
April 27, 2000Finding the Lititz iconoclastGlenn Knight is searching for "The Lititz iconoclast." His quest begins here
May 11, 2000Thank you, Saunders LovingtonWhy does Glenn Knight thank a man who lived long ago in a shack along a Lititz creek?
May 25, 2000The big dilemma: What do we call ourselves?There are New Yorkers, Philadelphians, San Franciscans and Baltimorians. But what is someone from Lititz called?
June 8, 2000What our flag representsFlag Day is next Wednesday, June 14. Glenn Knight offers his explanation as to what the Stars and Stripes means to him in his "On Second Thought" column.
June 22, 2000Finding the free stuffMost people pay too much for Internet service--which was originally intended to be FREE
June 29, 2000Sutter's fascinating lifeOn the 120th anniversary of his death, columnist Glenn Knight takes a look at the fabled, and often troubled life of Gen. John Augustus Sutter, the Lititz resident once believed to be the richest man in the world, who lost it all after gold was discovered on his land in California
July 20, 2000From "Out of the Future"Glenn Knight sees a parallel between the current discussions going on about the church at Broad and Orange and the mid-50s discussion of the Reading Train Station
Aug. 3, 2000Offering some helpful tips for Lititz newcomersGlenn Knight offers a few helpful tips to "new" Lititz residents in his "On Second Thought" column this week.
Aug. 24, 2000Grateful for 'R' judgesR you ready to see what R judges R saving us from now? Nothing less than the potential destruction of our entire structure of civilization!
Sept. 14, 2000"When I moved here. . ."On getting your piece of the pie and then making pie baking illegal.
Sept. 28, 2000The Lititz Air Force BaseIn 1950, Lititz came close to becoming a camp town as the Air Force was seriously considering building an Air Force Base northwest of town.
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